Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreaming of Sea Island!

Fall is fast approaching, and the hubby and I still have yet to take a proper vacation! We tend to always procrastinate on making long-term plans, and we both usually want to wait until it cools off a wee bit, and, most importantly, until the summer prices are slashed! One beach that I’ve been thinking I would love to go to lately, and have never been to, is Sea Island—home of the world-renowned Cloister Hotel. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Cloister – in fact my buddy Cruella has been a few times herself, and has shared with me a little about the history and the ambiance. Cruella, I’ll note, is a hopeless romantic, so after hearing her describe it to me (another hopeless romantic), I’m ready to play a nice game of croquet, swing on the veranda, and admire all the oak trees with Spanish moss. Although, after looking at the room rates at the Cloister and not wanting to mortgage our house for just for a few days at the beach--I told the hubby it may be a shack on Tybee Island! Perhaps we can take a drive to Sea Island and maybe have a cocktail and experience the ambiance that Cruella was talking about.

All Images via Sea Island

The End!


GrannySmithGreen said...

You would LOVE Sea Island and The Cloister. We haven't been since it's renovation--or rebuilding, really. A blog friend Kappa Prep, at Monograms and Manicures, is going for Labor Day. She's supposed to give us the full report on her return. You may want to consider the Jekyll Island Club Hotel--it's a bit more price friendly. It's just a skip away from Sea Island and a wonderful atmosphere. Just think, bike riding under the Spanish moss on the sandy trails! It's great. Hope you can go SOON!

Lisa D. said...

Thank you so much for the information! We are actually going around Labor Day as well-- we always wait until the last minute to make plans. I will look into Jekyll Island Club Hotel & let you know. Can you believe I lived in Charleston & never made it to Sea Island, Jekyll or St.Simon's- I guess I spent too much time in the shops in Savannah. As long as I get to see some old Oaks with Spanish moss! Your trip to Blackberry Farm sound very exciting-I was looking at the pictures & I would love to make that trip as well!