Friday, August 1, 2008

Playing Tag!

I have been tagged by Granny Smith Green - First I’m to post the rules: Here they are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these six rules on your blog.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person you tag know by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Next, list six random things about yours truly!

Number One –Since I discovered this hat from J.Crew a few years ago I won’t be caught dead without it! I wear it when I’m outside in my garden covered in dirt, I wear it to Lowes to pick up paint while covered in paint, and I wear it every day in this sweltering heat when I’m out walking Rolle and Ellie for their afternoon walk. Basically it’s good camouflage, especially at my absolute worst!
Number Two – I have a huge love of textiles--old or new, it doesn’t matter! As antiquer I sold a lot of pillows as part of my stock. However, the thing is, I don’t sew--not one stitch! Haven’t even tried since my high school home economics class. When the hubby needs something hemmed he’s on his own, or he’ll get his mother to do it for him. The last couple of years, I’ve been carting around a bag full of old cashmere sweaters with high hopes of turning the sweaters into baby mittens and hats, and of course this process would involve sewing! Note to self: learn to sew before all profits are eaten up!

Number Three – I have a terrible sense of direction! Upon returning home from a heavy duty antiquing trip from Brimfield, Mass. Cruella and I miraculously ended up in Columbia, South Carolina --we should have been in Charlotte. We were trying to get home to Atlanta. It was probably Cruella’s fault, after all she was the navigator, but my hubby will never let me forget it! However, I get him back when I’m giving him directions up and down Magazine Street, and over to Royal and Charters Streets in the French quarter. He gets extremely lost in New Orleans, even though he is a New Orleanean--you would think he would know how to get to the antique shops around there.

Number Four – I am currently reading Pardon my French, written by an Englishman. However, I only wish I had this when traveling across the pond to buy my antiques. Perhaps, I could have gotten a better deal or two-who knows!

Number Five – I would love to one day write a book on my beloved aging Bassett Hound, Rolle, and his journey throughout the South. Starting with his small stint on Peachtree Road, how his mommy wanted to open up a doggie daycare just a block away, how his granddaddy talked his mommy and daddy out of buying that condo that rapidly started appreciating after Rolle moved in!

Number Six – A sunny day on Sullivans Island. Spring time in Savannah when the Camellias are blooming. A day of antiquing on Magazine Street, followed up with coffee at PJ’s for some people watching. Off to for brunch in Atlanta for some shrimp and grits at Horseradish Grill. The arrival of fall in Nashville. Shopping on the second Thursday of the month at Scotts. And, last but not least, my neighbors Frank and Eula's peonies. Just a few of my favorite Southern things!

There you go and now to tag six bloggers that I enjoy for my daily read– let’s see!

Cote de Texas – She probably won’t be able to play because of her busy schedule of investigative reporting --Decorating The Good The Bad and The Ugly. And of course she stays busy with her own projects as a Houston designer – Move it on over Mr.Faudree!

Studio Annette – I discovered she and I both share a love for Barbara Barry and Charlotte York’s New York flat – I still think about that apartment!

Mrs. Blandings – A blog written with flair!

Katiedid I discovered her when she was going through a kitchen renovation – can relate- see Kitchen Stuff by me!

Habitually Chic – This girl spends a lot of time burning the midnight oil! I read her blog and enjoy it! Note to self: Start posting nice comments to bloggers who burn the midnight oil and do it well!
Absolutely Beautiful Things - Her blog was one of the first ones that I discovered -- I was hooked!


Mrs. Blandings said...

Lisa - you are so nice to tag me - I'm passing on this round as I have been tagged before and hate to go on and on about myself - more than I already do. I'm enjoying your blog and your neighbor's peony hedge looks shockingly similar to mine. I was so lucky to inherit it. Best wishes - Mrs. Blandings

Lisa D. said...

Thank You Mrs. blandings! I totaly understand

GrannySmithGreen said...

Love the textiles! I have a box full of old designer samples that I just can't part with. I keep thinking, "there's something I can do with these". Now, where to find the time to do it!?!?

Lisa D. said...

Can very much relate! Have you thought about framing them?

Lisa D. said...

Can very much relate! Have you thought about framing them?