Friday, September 11, 2009

Enjoying Victoria!

Every Christmas my buddy Cruella and I swap magazine gifts to each other; the gift that keeps on giving! Last year, she asked me for Victoria Magazine and I asked for my usually Southern Accents. Now that Southern Accents unfortunately is no more (I will truly miss them), I'm thinking perhaps Victoria! I'm really enjoying their English issue this month; gets me in the mood for fall! Happy Friday.... I'll be de-mauveing this weekend!

Don't you just love this image?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us the beautiful pictures from Victoria Mag. I love that magazine, hopefully they will bring back Southern Accents like they did Victoria. I sure hope so!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog, I find it so inspiring.


Lisa D. said...

HI Martha:
Thank you very much for such a nice comment! Yes, I'm really enjoying Victoria; another magazine that I still have all the old issues & won't part with!