Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Snowy, Blustery Organizing Day!

It's a snowy, blustery day here in Atlanta, and like many of you, getting organized for the new year is one of my many priorities. What I discovered recently, and especially after having a few holidays soirees, is that my laundry room, personal closet, Hubby-office, my office, coat closet, linen closet and inside of my kitchen cabinets are a disaster! Discoveries are as follows:

Inside kitchen cabinets - Need a good cleaning & contact paper to start! Found way too much to Go-Food Tupperware spilling over. Not a complete set of wine glasses (odd numbers) to be had! Most embarrassing when in-laws came over for sit-down dinner! Spice cabinet not very pretty!
Coat closet - Nowhere to hang company's coats and jackets. Way too many of my own: even a Banana Republic circa 1991 has taken over the closet.
Laundry Room - Has became a huge dumping ground. Plus, Hubby never puts his tools away!
Personal closet - Hmmm... A lot to say about this. I won't bore you with it now, but later!
Linen closet - Now that I actually have a mattress, I would like a place for my sheets & pillowcases. But it's missing it's shelves & is currently storing our luggage.
My office -Missing a desk to start... need I say more? Also, houses my collection of Southern Accents, Veranda, House Beautiful, Cottage Living, Domino, Country Home, Martha Stewart...whew! A good thing I did away with Food & Wine!

Now, on top of all this, I still need to replace my wallet...thanks to the thief back in December. The sales clerks are starting to look at me funny scrambling around in my purse trying to fetch a card. Plus, I need a new daytimer... thanks to hubby for dropping mine (or did I threw it at him)! I can't remember which, but the three-ring spiral is broken and falls out. No Blackberry or IPhone here--I'm afraid that I'm from the old school and I have to write things down! I use my daytimer for a dumping ground for notes, account numbers, addresses and my agenda.

Kate Spade daytimer I'm pondering!

Or this Coach day timer. Either way, must make good and fast decision... has to last a very long time, and of course be pretty!

Today, is Thursday, Jan 7th and I've already screwed up my dentist appointment. Hair is tomorrow... at least I hope!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I found the laundry room and I do like it! Thanks! You have a great blog too by the way. vicky

Kat in Texas said...

Lisa...I'm with you on organizers...totally old school...I have a Day Runner I've used for years (with accompanying #2 pencil)! :)