Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Ohhh-So Complicated!

This past Sunday, Hubby and I braved the icy roads and finally made it out to see It's Complicated. I had wanted to see the movie when it first came out on Christmas day, but I promised Hubby Sherlock first, and he made me stick to my promise! Now, I had more than one motive, other then seeing the actual movie itself--set design... of course! Personally, I'm an English and French design type of girl, and normally find the Belgian look a little chilly, but I really liked this Santa Barbara Belgian casual elegance look. For me, I believe it was the touch of the warm apricots that were used in the club chair and cashmere throw. I also really liked the touch of blue accent pillows and the big bowl of green artichokes.

The kitchen is fun and interesting and has several design elements that I always love to see in a kitchen. Such as , carrera marble, Viking stove, subway tiles and such. (see Kitchen Stuff)

The bedroom--again it's all the touches of the warm apricot color!

The bathroom--love the Gold gilded mirror (adds a lot of drama), the claw foot tub of course ( see An Economic Recovery Plan For An Old Claw-Foot Bathtub), and the green subway tiles naturally!

The bakery--ahhh so pretty! All images from Traditional Home

Sunday evening after the movie, I called my chef-friend Helen and told her to check out the movie. I thought that she would really enjoy it, if not for other than to check out the bakery--her secret love (one day she'll have a bakery/cafe like that). Now I know I'm one of the last few people to see the movie and here's my short review, because I need to get back to work!

Loved it... actors, story, set design and all! Come on, tell me ...what did you think?

P.S., I thought I spotted Farrow & Ball's Ringwold in the daughter's bedroom, towards the end of the movie in the yellow colorway ( see Bringing the outdoors in)! Do you think so?

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