Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exposing Yourself In The Kitchen: Getting Organized!

OK, I know what you're thinking! Why is she showing us a picture of a kitchen that clearly needs a new dishwasher, stove, countertops, cabinets, sink, etc. Plus, the stainless steel fridge that she let her Hubby pick out clearly does not fit that space (C- Plus). Well, you see, today is Monday, "Getting Organized" and I've been thinking a little about my old kitchen in Nashville (See Kitchen Stuff, Kitchen Stuff Continued, More on Kitchen Stuff, Yes, More Kitchen Stuff, and Kitchen stuff finale. Whew!

A couple of things got me thinking about my old kitchen, the first being the fact that I need to get organized in my new kitchen. The second being that I've been pondering the kitchen in It's Complicated (see It's Ohhh-So Complicated). After seeing the movie, I realized that I miss and love to look at dishware, and not just other people's, but even my own. I guess you could say, that I'm a open-shelf, no-cabinet-doors type of gal! Believe it or not, I kind of miss my old kitchen because I was more organized. Perhaps it was small, but I knew the exact count of wine glasses, juice glasses, dinner plates, salad plates, coffee mugs etc. that were clean with one glance. Most importantly, I only had stuff that I used and everything had a spot! Clearly, there was no room in my old kitchen for mismatched coffee mugs and wine glasses.

It's Complicated - Kitchen

When Hubby and I had our real estate agent, Lisa, over to do the walkthrough (the one where the real estate agent comes over to voice their opinions) she suggested we put the cabinets doors back on. Lisa clearly was not a no-doors or open-shelf type gal! Her quote was, "that some people, such as herself, are just not that organized". I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing that I did not rip them off completely liked I really wanted to (Hubby talked me out of it). Also, there was no way I was going out to my potting shed to dig around for dirty cabinet doors, and then go through another huge sanding and oil-painting process. I shot back, reasoning that "the doors would close the kitchen in more (they actually would have) and if the new owners would like them, their in the potting shed"! Leaving it, with "We'll see what happens!"

I'll tell you tomorrow what happened for Tuesdays "Budget-Friendly Design and Decorating" while I try to find more pictures of that kitchen. I'm off to the Container Store!

Image from House Beautiful

I know sometimes it depends on the kitchen itself, but My question is "Are you an open-shelf, no-cabnet doors type or do you want to hide your juice glasses, salad plates, coffee mugs etc. I really want to know!


Heather said...

I am a cabinet door kind of person. Even though my cabinets are pretty organized, I just think it looks neater if things are behind closed doors. But I am sure it can look good both ways!

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Heather! I know the pictures that I showed were not the best examples...but I love to look at dishware!