Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Embracing Our Brrry Snow Days.

Here in Atlanta we are under major storm warnings. Hence my remarks about grocery shopping the other day.  This morning Hubby brought me up my usually cup of coffee and said he was heading into work, which I'll add he does have the flexibility to work from home  (He wanted to go in).  I on the other hand, knowing how hard-headed he is, said "be careful". Just two weeks ago when we got hit by a snow storm Hubby was suppose to work from home but insisted on going into work to save his work-from-home so that we could go to a Led Zeppelin cover band that Friday night. 

Fifteen minutes after Hubby left the house, he was back. I told him to just embrace the days, because we have a ways to go as we sit here waiting to get hit with ice.  I just hope he doesn't turn into the guy from the Shining...eeee. Now as I look out the window no rain, no snow, just yet and I can't even get him to out with me to get a cup of hot chocolate.

Five ways to embrace our Brrry Snow Days!

1.  Watch the Olympics - I saw the Russia Policemen choir on The Today Show the other morning.  Love them...Check them out here.  Also, I'm into the ice skating...it's my favorite!  Speaking of  the Olympics - why is it 60 degrees in Sochi and 30 here in Atlanta?  Hmmmm!

2.  Make Cookies - When I got home durning our last snow storm at 12:05 in the afternoon", I'm like, what do I do now".  Memories of childhood and making chocolate chip cookies popped into my mind.  But guess what?  No chocolate chips... go figure.   Yesterday while at the store I picked up some oatmeal to perhaps make a few cookies.  I read once oatmeal cookies are a little better for you.  Here's the good old fashion recipes from Quaker Oats with ingredients that most of us keep on hand.

3.  Read a good book - With a good cup of hot chocolate.  I  picked up the "Book Thief"  a few weeks ago and have yet to start it.  I would like to read the book before I see the movie.

4.  Make out your Valentine's Cards - I have a whole pile that I need to address and should pop in the mail ASAP.

5.  Getting Organized - I know it's boring but it is a good time to go through files, closets etc. Doing things that I normally don't have time during my regular cleaning day.


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