Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines For The Hubby!

Here in Atlanta, everyone is hunkering down for a big snow storm that's getting ready to blow through here over the next couple of days.  I was doing my grocery shopping late this afternoon, which I always do on Mondays, and couldn't even get bananas.   It's a good thing I don't buy that much bread these days.  Anyway,  over  the holidays I meant to write "Gifts for the Hubbies" but got stuck with work projects and such.  Plus, our last snow storm which was just two weeks ago, poor Hubby had to abandon his car, walk in the freezing cold and ice to spend the night at Home Depot.  

 So here's " Valentines for the Hubbies!   

Nice warm marled socks to get his feet nice and  warm

Hubby loves a good whisky...I love the bottle!

Please note, Hubby has berated me for getting him scarves "we live in south" he says. Yes I tend to buy scarves -  just something about a new scarf to me. So I did as programmed and I did't buy him a new scarf this year.  Lucky for him he had on his Harry Potter scarf that I bought him four or five years ago during his snow journey. I did however  just order this Wallace + Barnes Donegal  sweater for him a few weeks it.  Although I don't think he had it on during his journey.  Will also come in handy for our vacation this spring to Stockholm. He better take it. 

I love these Lumber Jack needlepoint  Flasks!  This and some gronal bars could possibly come in handy next time he's stranded.

He wants a PS4! Sheesh!

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