Monday, August 5, 2013

My Office!

A few years ago I wrote this "I want an Office"!  For twenty-one months now, we've been in our current house.  After carving out a master bedroom, an office/man-cave for Hubby, and a guest room, their is actually a small room left over for an office for me!  Currently it's a room holding all my magazines and bills, thrown in bakers boxes.  Here's what I need:

1. Desk - Most would think.   I've been waffling between three...
2. Chandelier- Not the most important thing but I can't stand the dated ceiling fan in there now!
3. Credenza - To store some more of  my magazines.
4.  Shredder - I'm the bill payer - tired of borrowing the one from work that doesn't really work!
5.  Wallpaper - Yes, I'm treating myself to wallpaper, probably Grass cloth.
6.  Frank -  I need Frank to come and buzz the ceiling and add molding- like above.
7.  And most importanly - A filing cabinet - Just something so wrong with our whole life in a bakers box...Don't you think?

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