Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everyone Wants a Monogrammed Mug!

I was getting my hair done the other day, and my hairdresser, Crystal, and I were commiserating about how bad the weather is here in Atlanta.  It's early August and her little girls just had their first day back to  school. Crystal commented, "Christmas will be here before you know it"!  Which brings me to today's post...monogrammed mugs! I mentioned these to Crystal last year for teacher's gifts, and such.  I gave several out myself for the holidays.  I made out my shopping list, walked into Anthropologie, gave them my list, they wrapped.  How easy is that? Let's see, I gave one to my boss, co-workers, a few friends, a few as hostess gifts and my Mother-in-law.  I even bought myself one..I always try have my afternoon coffee in it! :)

It seems everyone loved them -  my boss who is extremely busy even called me and commented on them.  The year before I had given them gift certificates to tea at the Ritz, but something told me  they liked the mugs more!  Go figure!  Now, Mother-in-Law, honestly not so much,  but, it's my  Mother-in-law.

Also, last year, I wanted these mugs from Pottery Barn but waited too long and missed out.  By the way, I was in there the other day and noticed that they restocked.  Love them, each alphabet is different. I would love a set of these.  Perhaps, I may get Hubby a set for his bathroom coffee bar, if it ever gets done!  He was pestering me how he wanted a monogrammed mug like mine. Funny, Mother-In-law also scored the one from Pottery Barn last Christmas as well. :)

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