Thursday, August 1, 2013

Country Living's Caramelized Leek and Bacon Pizza!

The weather here in the south is dreadful… rain, rain and more rain. The upside my Hunter Ballet flats have turned out to be a good investment (see “I Need Shooz”). The downside is I’m never going to get my house painted!   The weather here is more like fall than the sticky hot dogs days of summer that we all know. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, yes, I miss those dog days! A few people that I know, such as hubby, don't seem to mind, because it’s not nearly as hot as it could be. When I complain, he quickly reminds me of when we lived in Nashville and they had record breaking Bagdad-style heat waves. For me, I want a little heat, a few bugs but, most importantly, I want my sun! Another downer with all the rain is the poor fruit harvest. I wanted to talk about peaches, blackberries, tomatoes--you name it!
Yesterday evening, I was watching the nightly news and the reporter held up two peaches and one looked like it came from a lab experiment because of all the rain. My yard has been nicknamed Jurassic Park...but enough about all the rain…Pizza Time!

My friend Colleen and her hubby do pizza every Friday night, and she has yet to share one of her fabulous recipes--that's a hint, Colleen!  Hubby and I don’t do pizza every Friday night because I have him on South beach from time to time. Though, I found this Caramelized – Leek and Bacon pizza recipe in Country Living and love it! It’s a little different because of the caramelized leeks and the mascarpone. P.S. I buy Trader Joes whole wheat dough.

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coleen~ said...

I don't HAVE any recipe! We have some combinations that work for us, but usually "just wing it".

1) veggies with tomato or pesto sauce. Cheese.
2) tomato sauce with speck or nice Boars Head hard sausage. Or any leftover meat in the fridge. Cheese
3) garlic/evoo "sauce" (more liked a drizzle with lots of garlic rubbed on.) with drained canned minced clams with Parmesan and maybe mushrooms.

Oh, and spinach works on all of them!

How's that????