Monday, December 3, 2007

Gifts for the Women (Mothers-in-law) Who Have Everything!

Buying presents for your mother-in-law, or for the woman who has everything, is never an easy task. My mother-in-law, for instance, is no exception; she is very hard to buy for-- she has everything, and now she is becoming a minimalist–if that makes sense! This leaves my husband, Michael, and I with very few choices. In fact, I believe the best gift we ever gave her was not a gift for her, but for her husband (his father), a hi-tech gift that Michael (her son) had picked out in a spit second – Tivo! Before his dad got hisTivo, my mother-in-law made it crystal clear that under no circumstances did they need such a fancy hi-tech gadget, that cost $16/month as well, and would do just fine without it.

Fast forward to this past Thanksgiving holiday. Her son was messing around with her Tivo and messed something up to the extent that Desperate Housewives did not get recorded! He was warned never to go near the Tivo ever again, or be prepared to be left out of the will! So now she can’t live without her Tivo--she is totally independent and can now program Dancing With The Stars by herself! Since her son is now out of great gift-giving ideas, he leaves it up to me. So here it is:

My mother-in-law loves birds—she has decorated her home and cabin around them. She has bought every gadget you can possible name to keep the squirrels away from her bird feeders. The huminingbirds always stop by in the fall to say hello to her, and to fill up for their journey to Brazil. So yes, over the years I have added things to her bird collection. Being the antique person, I have given her old bird prints, old bird tins, bird soap, et cetera et cetera! This year I’m thinking Bird Songs –I looked for this book over mother’s day last year and I could not find it-- so I’m prepared this year! Now, not only will she be able to look at the beautiful illustrations, but she learn the songs as well!

Bird Songs

Bird Songs Fom Around The World

Next, I’m thinking a throw—what woman who has everything could not possible use another throw? I personally like the herringbone or chenille throw from Restoration Hardware and they have been marked down.

Also, earlier this year, in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living --I thought this was a beautiful mohair throw. As always, depending on budget, I think both are very nice.

Picture Martha Stewart Living (mohair throw from Yves Delorme)

Finally, one can never go wrong with beautiful stationary. Being a Southern Belle my mother-in-law always writes nice thank-you notes, never misses friends, families or daughters-in-law birthday or anniversary--so she can always use this!

Stationary from Kate's Paperie

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