Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gifts for the Host or Hostess

There is an article in the November issue of Domino Magazine “What can I Bring”, about making recipes for your holiday gatherings and gifting the dish to the hostess.

Here are a few things that I thought would make nice hostess gifts and you don’t have to break the bank. I was in Atlanta this past weekend, and after squeezing in some antiques stores, I had a little time left to cruise by Crate & Barrel. After all, it’s just around the corner from my in-laws (I do have to take advantage of situations like this—unfortunately, no Crate & Barrel here in Nashville).

While on the lookout for a few entertaining dishes, I stumbled upon this Village Square Baker for $14.95. A few years ago while doing an antiques show, I was next to a lady who was selling oven-to-table bakeware imported from Budapest. She was quite popular that weekend. Yes, all of us normal antiques dealers were all very envious! This past summer on our way to one of Lucilla’s soireés and running very late, I decided to make brownies. Anyway, leaving Michael home to pull the brownies out to bring over to Lucilla’s was not a good idea! He cut them immediately, messed them all up, and showed up with two brownies. So I bought two of the Village Square Bakers—one is going to Lucilla, and the other one is going to my neighbor Sandy, who loves cooking and anything Crate & Barrel.

Still in Atlanta, I stumbled upon Sur La Table --Rolle had me working hard this past weekend for his Scottie cookie cutter. Sur La Table is slowly opening stores in the southeast and they have just recently opened a store at Perimeter Mall. I’ll admit, I’m not a big cook—I found the pots that I have in the fields of England. While in Charleston and living the simple life, Michael and I had one copper pot to do all of our cooking in. And I took that from my inventory! (Actually we had four but the huge copper pot leaked and Michael told me to get rid of it-- I would have no part of that, it looked good with my other two pots) Anyway, over the last few years I have been able to add a few more pots to my collection. I don’t actually own the Le Creuset cookware, so I have never used them. But I have heard through the culinary experts they are wonderful. So this is what I’m thinking, for all the dinner club people who take their dinners and cooking very seriously, the cute petite stoneware casserole pot for $15.00 each would make a lovely party favor. And they come in beautiful colors. You could also do individual place settings with them.

There is the two-piece rectangle Le Creuset stone set for $29.95, or the 4 piece set for $49.95. You can split the gift sets for different parties you attend or keep one for yourself. :)

And if your really feeling generous, I thought the French oven was priced well for $79.95. If you arrive with that plus a bottle of Bordeaux --I’ll bet you’ll be invited back very quickly! Actually, I think they all make nice gifts, and your host or hostess will love you for the thought. Unless you’re my mother–in-law and have sworn off cooking. However, I have something, I think she will like –more on that later.

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