Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back To Atlanta!

While exploring around Louisville this past weekend I was wondering what Atlanta would have looked liked if General Sherman had never have burned it during his march. Atlanta still has it’s share of great neighborhoods--Ansley Park, Peachtree Battle, Morningside, Inman Park, Grant Park, Old Brookhaven--although I still wonder!

Anyhow, I am off to Atlanta and one of the things listed on my iternary this weekend is IKEA. Most of you would think this was no big deal. However, coming from the antiquing business, if I so much as reveal this to any of my antiquing sorority friends, I will instantly become ousted and banned as a trader. My buddy, Cruella, who has vaguely heard of IKEA said she would go with me the next time I was in town. However, I know she would become very bored very quickly when she discovers there were no 19th century tole trays, papier mache, imari, Staffordshire ,etc.

Actually, IKEA had just opened in Atlanta when Michael and I were making our pit stop back on Peachtree Road a few years ago. So I had plenty of chances to pop in, however, 14th street Antique Mall is located across the street. Since I always have limited shopping time I have to make choices. One must block out the entire week to get through IKEA and it’s a good thing they have those meatballs! Perhaps they may want to think about opening a hotel--must be in their plans!

After buying our house earlier this year, I was on top of my ladder I heard a knock, it was a lady in her late 30's or early 40's with silver hair. I opened the door and the lady introduces herself, her name was Sandy and she lived next door. She said she was just coming by to say hi and wanted to see what we had done so far. I gave my new neighbor the tour of our cottage and the first thing she said to me after our five minute tour “let’s high tail it to IKEA”. Yes, our house is small but I’m in need of some storage things. I’m glad Sandy gets the IKEA catalog - what are neighbors for!

M y second trip to IKEA was just this past summer – My first IKEA purchases!
1. Lack table- $12.99 – Tired of lamp on the floor in my bedroom; can’t go wrong for this price!

2. Signe rug -$2.99 – For canine Basset hound’s doggy door.

3. Sota glass jars 3 @ $2.99 = 8.97 – for food art in kitchen.

Total IKEA Purchases $24.95 not including tax

Plus --Husband’s meatballs while waiting for me and his mother to shop $10.99

Grand Total $35.94

My buddy Steve from Bristol in England was over last year telling me what wonderful things he had with him, and that he had found all his great English antiques relatively inexpensively. I asked him what his secret was and he told me--IKEA! He said they had just opened up a IKEA store in the U.K. and all the women were camping in their cars overnight to get in. Sounds like they need to open up a campground too! Overall, as my Italian neighbor Lucilla said, IKEA has it’s purpose! I could not agree more!

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