Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear Santa!

Since I love books, I love to give them as gifts as well. To me, books make great presents especially, if you really know that person and share some commonalities. Following are a few books that I will be giving to a few close friends.

First on my list are a few cookbooks that were released just this past year. Personally, I enjoy nothing more than waking up on a weekend morning (when I can beat my hubby to the TV) to watch The Food Network--Paula, Ina, Giada, and Nigella.

One thing I always like to do is ask other people who their favorite Food Network star is. Just this past weekend, over Thanksgiving dinner, I asked my mother–in-law‘s good friend who she liked to watch. Her response was Giada, and her reason was, “ she’s beautiful”! Yes, she is beautiful, and when she first started I loved her kitchen, with the open shelving and colorful, beautiful cappuccino maker! Being a design nut, I do watch for things like that. But I have to say my all time favorite has to be Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa. I even kick Michael off the TV to watch Barefoot Contessa. To me, Ina would be someone you would love to have as a good friend or neighbor--a very delightful person. I have a few of her cookbooks and I always return to them on a regular bases. Her books are full of information for basic delicious recipes.

Ina came out with a new cookbook this year, Barefoot Contessa At Home. I have a very good friend whom I think would really enjoy this book, and, yes, I’m still missing this particular cookbook as well. So Santa (Michael) if you’re reading this, take note! I’ve already made her roasted shrimp Orzo, and it was easy and very good. When the word “gourmet” is uttered from my hubby’s mouth, I’m pleased!

Nigella Express

Another thing I like to do is read cookbooks. So when I discovered that my neighbor, Sandy, loves to read cookbooks, I was thrilled. Since Sandy kept my hydrangeas alive while I was away this summer, I bought her Nigella’s Feast as a thank you! I have caught Sandy skipping on my blogs. so I can say that I may get her Nigella Express. I discovered Nigella back in 2001 while I was over in the U.K. watching the BBC. I still remember her show from then-- to me it was Sex And The City meets the food world, quite hip with good looking food. I was very excited to see her added to the Sunday lineup!

Next on my list is Inspirations From France & Italy, by Betty Lou Phillips. This would be for Cruella – Cruella and I both have a love for antiques and decorating, so she is always fun to buy for! Cruella loves decorating books, she loves Betty Lou Phillips, and this is a new release that I don’t think she knows about! Another book I’m thinking about for her is Bunny Williams ' Point of View. I have Bunny’s An Affair with a House and always enjoy reading what a grandmaster designer has to say and I know Cruella does too!

Inspirations from France & Italy

Bunny Williams' Point of View

And if Santa is reading! I would love to have Living With Dogs-- which came out a few years ago. How I missed it I don’t know. Funny, Rolle asked for a little Spaniel brother yesterday!

Living with Dogs

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