Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rolle's Christmas Wish List!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to think about Christmas. One little guy who always makes my list is our basset hound-- Rolle. As I was making out my list, I thought I would go to the little guy myself to see what he wanted from Santa this year--this is what he shared with me. I’ll let him take it from here.

I want food! Preferably meat and cheese! If Santa is running low on these, then here are some things I think will do just fine: first on my list are doggie treats from Harry Barker. A few years ago Mommy did a Christmas show and purchased Harry Barker treats to sell as gifts--because she says some folks just don’t buy antiques around the holidays. I was so happy when she bought too much. I was able to reap the rewards from what she couldn’t sell. I can vouch that they’re yummy and come in flavors like bacon and peanut butter in cute little sealed jars. What canine wouldn’t want them?

Harry Barker

Cat Treats from Harry Barker

Also, Since my Harrods dog leash is all faded, and my Harrods dog collar has long been lost in my grandparents woodsy backyard, I would like replacements for both! Mommy won’t be traveling across the pond anymore, but she can order this online at Harrods but she better do it now--she tends to procrastinate!

Harrods Dog Collar

Also, Martha Stewart doggie coats are very cute and stylish, but after eating all that turkey at Thanksgiving, I’m afraid it will make me look fat. Plus, Mommy has not mastered the art of sewing (a requirement for these)! Perhaps this would be a good gift for my buddy Elliot the Pomeranian around the corner!

Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart

Most importantly, I want a new bed! My Ralph Lauren quilt is starting to lose it’s stuffing, and it does not go with Mommy’s decor. Mommy’s been looking through lots of catalogs, and all the beds have huge price tags, and they’re not even stuffed with down feathers. I’ve overheard Mommy talking about Target, and I think they have excellent choices for canine bedding and bedding for my neighbor-- Elvis the cat. (I can’t forget the cats!). I’m sending Santa to Target!

This Bed is a good size for Elliot!

Finally, after pouring over old issues of Martha Stewart with my Mommy, I’ve instructed her to make shortbread cookies for all of our human neighbors and bone biscuits for my canine friends. She couldn’t find my breed as a cookie cutter, but since I met a new friend, McDuffie a Scottish Terrier, she got a cute Scottie instead. Mommy said this is where you can find the cookie cutters Coppergifts or Sur La Table – great selection, she thinks!

Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

Merry Xmas! Rolle

P.S. Mommy & Daddy please make a donation to the Humane Society and please bring me home a little English Spaniel brother named Henry! Don’t ask- I just like the name.

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