Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stuffing A Easter Basket!

I was at Target yesterday afternoon and, against my better judgment, I strolled by the Easter candy section. Easter is still a week away, and for most folks who are buying candy this would be no big deal! However, buying candy (especially chocolate) for my household is something that is usually reserved until the day of the holiday--Halloween, Valentines Day, or the day before, such as Easter. And this is because Easter happens to fall on a Sunday and we have to go to church and I don’t have time to shop! So it’s not the fact that I’m procrastinating, it’s the fact that the hubby and I (mostly hubby) will devour every single piece of candy instantaneously–especially the chocolate! We will consume everything way before the actual holiday--most likely the day I bring it home. I’ll have to restock! Not only is this high in the calorie department but it also starts to add up financially. In most families, there is always one kid, who hordes their candy and slowly eats on it for weeks and weeks and weeks and in our case, well you can probably figure out neither of us were that kid.

I’ll try buying such things as little sweet hearts, candy corn or in this case jelly beans, to celebrate and to decorate with. And sometimes this will ward off the hubby--but not always!

Image from Martha Stewart Living

Another thing that I like to do is to personalize each basket. For instance, this year for my mother-in-law, I’m doing a gardening type basket filled with gardening gloves, lotions, perhaps a pruner and some gourmet candy (Williams Sonoma above) thrown in for good measure and because she likes it!

For the hubby, as I said earlier--it’s all about the chocolate! And he’s not picky about it either. Reese’s peanut butter cups will do quite nicely for him. Last year, I did throw in something a little bit more South Beach friendly--hard-boiled eggs! Colored of course! So what's in your Easter Basket?

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