Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Grand Old House In Nashville

Ahhhh memories...it's funny, I remember when they were restoring this house in Belle Meade.  It was on my jogging path, I didn't actually live in Belle Meade, would have loved too though..trust me on that one!  What I would do (and this was before Hubby and I bought our little cottage closer to city)  I would  jump in my car, drive to the park  and  instead of jogging up the mountain like most people,  I would jog down Belle Meade Boulevard.   Come on now, wouldn't you?  It was nice and flat with big old beautiful homes that I loved to ogle...ahhh!  Funny how things come together after many years.  Anyway, I just spent my weekend  pouring through Gil's Schafer's "The Great American House", who was the architect for the home.  The home is called  "Boxwood"--a great name by the way--and is decorated by David Netto.    Go here to read the full story in Veranda.  Here are my favorite rooms:

Love the foyer with the green felt, books and molding...

This has to be one of my favorite dining rooms  of all time!  I love the traditional with a few modern touches.  And you know how much I love de Gournay Wallpaper!

The breakfast room - I love his color choices and how he added the mirror with rustic elements!

The loggia I would have never in my wildest dreams went that dark.  I would probably have done - oh I don't know - green and white.  Even Gil said at first he questioned David's design, but look how it all came together.  Also,  I like how David said he found a few things on the side of the road. Hey,  I've done that once or twice.

The master bedroom and bath...love it!!

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