Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Almost Forgot--It's The Holidays!

Having moved just a week before Thanksgiving—one of my favorites, I finally realized on Christmas Day, while everyone was enjoying Christmas dinner, that it’s the holidays! Please note that being in a New Orleanean family, one cannot eat a meal while not preparing for one’s next meal or meals. So after discussing alligator cheesecake from Jackemo’s, and not really wanting to eat turkey plain for the next four days, I spoke out and said something about turkey gumbo, since turkey was our main course. What better way to use the leftovers then in a good delicious gumbo?

My own experience is that all men from New Orleans seem to think they can make the best gumbo. My list certainly includes my father-in-law, brother-in-law, as well as hubby’s uncles, cousins, etc., and of course Hubby himself–and he’s the worst one of them all! So during our Christmas dinner while my father-in-law, brother-in-law and hubby were discussing the correct way to make a roux and with all three wanting to make the turkey gumbo, guess who won—father-in-law!

FYI, after dinner while sitting in my in-laws family room, I discovered a new southern magazine --Garden & Gun. In the December/January issue is a recipe for Duck & Oyster Gumbo—looks like we may be having duck here soon!


pink green & southern said...

LOVE G&G--it's the best new magazine. And oh, my sweet dear husband, Jesuit Class of 1980, makes the best least in this family anyway!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Pink Green:

Love it as well! I've been catching up & just finished Julia Reed's article on New Orleans. Oh my husband went to Jesuit but his parents moved before he graduated.

susani said...

All I know is Michael makes the best Red Beans and Rice I have ever eatten. Bet he comes from a family that makes great Gumbo.