Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rolle & Me!

For some reason, I’m a little reluctant to go see Marley & Me. I’m not quite sure exactly why this is! It may have to do with the fact that Hubby and I also have an aging dog, our thirteen- year-old basset hound, whom we had now for basically as long as we been married.

I did attempt to read Marley & Me and got through several chapters and then quickly set it aside. Even more, as we were picking Ellie up last January from the Humane Society, a nice gentleman from New Jersey pretty much told me how the book ended. Needless to say, I could not bring myself to ever finish reading the book. It’s not that I’m not a dog lover. Rolle was even in our will – don’t get me wrong it’s nothing like Oprah’s golden retrievers, but it’s enough money to get him to his Aunt Susan’s in Missouri or even maybe to his Uncle Watson’s hip downtown Denver loft. My best friend in Missouri is first in line for Rolle—after all, she is a mother of two German sheppards. Plus, Uncle Watson is single, in his early 40’s, and still has commitment issues –he’s wanted a border collie for years but is still dogless!

Rolle in Nashville

So for now, for the Hubby and me, Rolle has taught us, especially when we lose sight of things, that one of life’s little lessons is to take time and sniff the flowers during the cold, rain, or shine! Enough! It’s beautiful here in Georgia, and Ellie and Rolle are ready to go sniff their flowers.

For those of you who are off to see Marley & Me--you may want to take a box of tissues, so I’ve heard! Please report!


susani said...

Please don't go see Marley and me. Heard it is sooo sad. I love my little Godson. We have a new addition to our furry family. Hardy. He is a Boxer and is so sweet.

Lisa D. said...

Hey Susan:

Thanks- I've heard the same thing & just can't bring myself to see it. New additon!! When was this?

susani said...

Christmas present for Lauren.He is a Boxer and is very sweet natured.Hardy has the marking of a white heart on his chest.Hence the name.Only 8 weeks old.