Monday, December 8, 2008

The Willcox!

Last Tuesday, the hubby I celebrated our #### wedding anniversary, I know, I didn’t say what year because we are getting up there, but if you know the age of my basset hound then you could probably figure it out. Being back in Atlanta already, and with really no plans for our anniversary I decided that we needed a day or two away—I would have preferred a week or two but we have to take what we can get. Early Tuesday morning, I woke up and thought hey let’s go to Aiken, South Carolina. I have always heard wonderful things about Aiken but never had the chance to visit myself. While living in Charleston I would always drive I-75 & I-16 through Macon and then take the low country route of SC17--which I loved! Anyway, it seemed the hubby would take the other route, I-20 east through Augusta to Highway 78, and, as it turned out, he had been to Aiken before--to the courthouse to be exact, to pay a speeding ticket! So before we left I had asked my mother-in-law where we could stay—most preferably with two dogs (she knows a lot about all the Southern towns). So she gave me some information and said good luck!

Lucky for us, the first place that I noticed that took dogs and that looked somewhat clean and interesting was The Wilcox. When I called and asked for availability the desk clerk told me about their holiday special and this was just what I wanted to hear--$185 a night with complimentary tea, breakfast and a bottle of Champaign for your room. I started calculating all that in my head and thought that’s a good special! Then I confirmed about the dog—oops—dogs, and he said fifty dollars–perfect!

We arrived at The Wilcox and parked the Element under a magnolia tree. We got out with Rolle and Ellie and a couple of bags and walked through the warm and inviting lobby and went to our room. Rolle and Ellie went straight for their basket of goodies that included biscuits, toys, a leash, a collar and bottle water—perfect, they were happy!

The special goes until they end of Jan. I highly recommend it!

P.S. arrive early so you can enjoy the tea and have time for a walk by all the wonderful old clapboard mansions before you drink your Champaign!


GrannySmithGreen said...

I really like the Wilcox! The first memory to come to mind is the wood burning fireplace. I just remember the smell so distinctly! So glad you had a good time!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Granny:

Happy New Year! We loved it and I wish we were heading there today but were going to the Atlanta symphony tonight which should be fun!

FYI - that great special goes until the end of Jan.