Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's your idea of the true start of the holiday season?

I've been listening to NPR (National Public Radio) and one question they're asking this week is, "What is your idea of the true start of the holiday seasons"? I'm very interested in hearing some of the comments on this particular question! And here's why...

Last year, while I was still in Nashville and working for a interior designer, her idea start of the Holidays was August 1st. Forget Halloween and Thanksgiving! She plowed straight to Christmas during the dog days of Summer, not unlike many of retailers out there! My opinion, which I'll gladly share with you, is that she, of course, wanted a jump start to sell her hot pink Christmas trees, purple ornaments and resin nativity figurines that she had in her inventory from the last 10 years. And as my good buddy Jeremy pointed out, stuff that you would find at a Walgreens after-Chirstmas sale.

Anyway, I know we all have our own thoughts on this. For me, I like to enjoy Halloween, Hubby and I ate three bags of candy--two bags of Kit Kats and one bag of Reese's (only one little trick-or-treater this year). Hey, it only comes once a year...why not?

And my pumpkins are staying on my porch until Thanksgiving for me to enjoy. Never really been a fan of seeing pumpkins mixed with Christmas trees.


susani said...

I love the Holidays and like to enjoy each to its fullest. I keep my fall decoration up until the day after Thanksgiving. Then out they go and up goes the Christmas tree. I put my tree up ASAP so that we can enjoy in until the day after New Years. BTW,I love your front porch/door.

susani said...

I like to enjoy each Holiday to its fullest. I keep our Fall decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving and then up goes the Tree. We take our Christmas tree down on New Years day. Or at least we try to. BTW, I love your front porch.

Lisa D. said...

Hi Susi Q:

Same here! Although, I put the tree up about a week before & I'll yank it down after New Years day. I forget do you do a real tree? Sounds like a another blog - hmm! Thanks, the black urns are not my choice but they were here at the house & I wanted black. So, I thought I would use them until I could get something I liked. And, I normally do boxwood's but the big ones are always expensive. My Pansie are already dying - errr!