Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Essentials for Summer Gardening!

A Straw Hat From Talbot's

Last week while at work, I overheard Janice, our Assistant Site Director here at the museum, scream, "Twenty-five hundred dollars, you've got to be kidding"! "Lisa and I will do it". After hearing my name being screamed my ears perked up and I said, "So Janice, what will we do?" She said, that their was a twenty-five hundred dollar estimate just to do some pruning, trimming and weeding for the grounds. I enthusiastically screamed back: Yes we'll do it, and we can do it for half the inflated estimate! Janice looked a little shocked that I was so enthusiastic about the prospect of being outside in the heat and the dirt. I suppose she had a hard time picturing me out of my my work uniform--currently a skirt, blouse or dress (depending on what fits these days), and heels. I told Janice, that I loved nothing more then to be outside in nature in my straw hat and gloves and willies, gardening, watering, pruning, and watching Ellie chase squirrels and chipmunks. Just like Leslie, one of our master gardeners who brings her dogs--Toby the stubborn Basset Hound and his shy brother Baily the Cocker Spaniel--to roam the grounds while she plants, prunes and weeds. My ideal of the perfect job--wouldn't you say?

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