Friday, May 7, 2010

Stalking Talbots!

I despise shopping. In fact I hate it, but what I despise more is getting ready for work, date night, running errands (like shopping) and not having anything to wear. Another thing is--I love clothes! I wish I could say that I was hip like Nicole Richie and shopped for cool vintage designer pieces but I don’t, because I want it easy! I did come close to buying a vintage piece one day while at an antiques store; I found a great 1940’s cashmere sweater that I wish I would have bought.

Anyway, with spring here and summer around the corner I need clothes--dress pants, blouses, shoes, etc. The funny thing is--last fall, Sylvia, our eighty-something volunteer brought in her Talbots catalog. Quite honestly, a store that I’ve not been into for many, many years. I was mostly an Ann, Banana & Crew type girl. While in Charleston it was all about Banana, but all the other years it has been Ann & the Crew…extremely faithful as you can imagine. Anyway, looking through the fall Talbot’s catalog I noticed several things that I wanted and after being a a little disenchanted with my other stores, I decided to give them a go. So this past January when everything went on sale, I loaded up… black leather riding boots, cords, jeans, peep-toe leather pumps, a coat, ballerina flats, jeans. I was in heaven!
Talbots Straw Tote

Now since March, and having to put away all my fall/winter stuff, I’ve been stalking them for my spring/summer stuff. I have already gotten a few pieces and I’ve tried on several other things that I really want. However, I’m waiting until they go on sale...know what I mean? The other funny thing is Sylvia and I were comparing notes the other day and we are both eyeing the same dress. As Sylvia said “it is the perfect linen dress” and you know what? I could not agree more!

Vachetta City Sandals that I have and I just worn them the other day to work & got tons of compliments..not just from the eighty-year old! Plus they are very comfortable!

Croc-Embossed Crisscross Sandals that I'm stalking.

P.S. While at Talbot's the other day the sales associate said their new designer is from the Crew…I just knew it!

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