Sunday, May 16, 2010

Skin Creams?!!

The last couple of months I've been obsessing over skin creams...this past Saturday morning I was enthralled with an info-mercial with Cindy Crawford, who was promoting her new line of skincare products. Do you want to look like Cindy Crawford? Well, yes, of course I do! Five minutes later, after hearing that the top secret formula contained rare melons produced in the south of France I kept watching... still enthralled. I wanted to hear more about the products, and, more importantly,what the key ingredients were in the secret formula (other than just rare melons from the south of France, but they never really covered that. The info-mercial went from "Do you want to look like Cindy?" back to the rare melons. Now during the whole info-mercial the price kept going down, down, and down to $39.99 for her whole line of products, a steal if you want some really nice smelling rare melon skin care creams. However, memories of the day when I got my Lady Diana haircut (hence wanting to look like Lady Diana) reemerged and I put my credit card back. Not that hair and skin cream have anything to do with one other but I think you get my point!

Then their was this past Sunday morning while reading the Atlanta Journal & Constitution Living section. I noticed LA'Mer's promoting their cream de la mer in their new limited specially designed blue sleeve boxes and it's only $230 for two ounces. No thank you! Even Hubby has heard of LA'Mer. He reads John Stossel.

Anyway, I currently use Revison skincare products such as their Retinol and their firming night cream and have been very happy. Plus the price is not bad either! I've been looking for a good eye cream since the beginning of time (by that I mean a eye cream that is affordable and that works) so a couple of Saturdays ago I asked my good buddy Susan ( See Me and My Aesthetician) for her advice on affordable skincare products that performed. Here's what she had to say. Thanks Buddy!

"I will try to make this short, but when I get started on skin care I tend to go on and on. The main keys to skin care and anti-aging are protection (sunscreen) and a good retinol to exfoliate. Products with antioxidants are great for the skin. They protect and heal. Not all products on the market have the proper amounts of ingredients in them to be effective and the container can leave the ingredients unstable. After much research I have found some affordable products that are easily obtainable (Target and CVS) and think you might like them. I will start with Cleanser- I want it to cleanse and remove my makeup without stripping my skin. "

Cleansers-Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reversal Cleanser. Around $8.99.

Neutrogena Ageless Restorative Energy Renewal Cleanser. Around $7.99.

Moisturizers/Treatments- Neutrogena Health Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Original Formula. It is a good moisturizer with retinol and anti-oxidants. Around $13.99.

Mutil Correction Eye Treatment (will not diminish dark circles but has a stable retinol with good anti-oxidants) Around $24.99.

ROC Multi Correction Night Treatment
- has good retinol with lots of Vitamin C. Around $24.99.

Hope these ideas are helpful. Please start off slowly with Retinol. Maybe every other night as it can be irritating if overdone.


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