Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Decorating: Southern Style!

Trying to cheer me up a couple of Sundays ago, my mother-in-law took me to her neighborhood's holiday home tour. There were five homes on the Christmas home tour. One particular home that was on the tour was one that I've been dying to see the inside for years. The lady of the house and her husband have lived in the same subdivision as long as my in-laws, so I was quite familiar with the house. The owner is quite notorious for her holiday decorating, no matter what the holiday is. She has actually toned it down some over the years...especially on the plastic Christmas ornaments and Easter eggs that she decorates with outside. But before getting to this highly decorated house, Mother-in-law warned me head of time what to expect and to be prepared. Of course, I was looking for really overall decorating schemes, but the decor of the house seemed to be stuck back in the eighties.

As Mother-in-law warned me, every room, every nook and cranny, was Christmas galore. Even her big whole room dedicated to Christmas and only Christmas. The bar area was no exception...not even room to mix a holiday cocktail! Mother-in-law had been told the year before, when she saw the house that the owner keeps all her Christmas things up in her basement year round. Could you imagine?

By all accounts, my favorite home that we saw that day was a home (like the one above) done very simple with fresh magnolia leaves, granny smith apples, pine cones...Very Southern!

Check out this link from Southern Living full of inspiration for holiday decorating. I may just attempt to make a magnolia wreath... I finally have a tree!

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