Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Status Report!

This past Sunday morning, while waiting for Hubby to get out of bed, I finally decided that by God we were going to be festive this year (Hubby has been a little bit of a Scrooge insofar this year) and I've been extremely busy with work. I told him that as soon as I got back from my jog that we would go fetch our tree, and we may want to take separate cars to save time. That way, I could head to Publix for our cooking supplies while he took the tree home, put it in some water and untangle all the lights! Then once I got home from the store, I would finish off a little decorating while he whipped up the candy cane bark. And, later on in the evening while we were listening to Charlie Brown Christmas (my favorite), I would put my candy cane bark bags together with the little jingle bells that I found from two Christmas's ago. Finally, we would top off our evening making out Christmas cards to let our friends know that we were still alive! Because, by God, we're going to be festive...even if it killed us!

As soon as we were walking out the door to get our tree, I received a phone call from a police office. A fire Marshall had plucked my stolen purse from a creek! You see, things were already starting to pick up with our new festive holiday attitude!

Needless to say, while at Publix fetching my Candy Cane Bark supplies, they appeared to be out of one of the key ingredients that I needed! As I'm standing there in the baking aisle trying to decide what to do--I needed seven to ten gift bags by Monday morning and time was ticking away! So as I'm standing there being bombarded by other festive shoppers carts,thinking to myself "how do I get myself in these messes"! I slowly push my cart down the aile, pondering what do before I had a huge melt down right there in the baking aile! I then quickly remembered last Friday's blog which had a recipe to chocolate nut bark. I called hubby to see if he could look up the ingredients and we would go to plan B.

Yesterday, Monday morning, hubby and I went a got my purse and thanked they officers profusely for calling us. I Headed to our office Christmas lunch at Stoney River and passed out chocolate bark goodies bags. After work, that evening hubby and I zoomed over to Gwen's (co-worker) holiday party and lucky for me I picked up my Hostess gift this past Sat...Wheee!

Hubby got the tree up, it has water, lights and an angle! We got one Christmas card made out. Today being Tuesday I'm Currently at work and walking Hubby through our dinner party that's tonight! How I get myself into these things I don't know...But come or h 'll... or high water we're going to be festive this year!


GrannySmithGreen said...

Bless your heart! Sounds like you have been through so much! Glad your purse is back. (I think I must have missed the first part of the story--I must read back a bit!) I hope that you and your family have a very merry Christmas!

susani said...

So glad they found your purse. Was anything in it? Most likley not. Attitude is everything. SO they say. I'm still working on mine:). Merry Christmas