Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Southern Inspirations: Hostess Gift Guide...

... and wish list! Yesterday, while at work I finally had a few minutes to make out my Christmas list. It seems like Christmas has just crept up on us...that is for me anyway! Here are a few of my thoughts for some of the hostess gifts that I'm picking up this week. A few are even Southern inspired... Image that?

For the Hostess:

Hubby and I have a few small parties to attend & one thing that I'm going with are really nice paper napkins from either Boston International or Caspari. Tied with organza ribbon with a nice spreader tucked in. A nice look for less then twenty dollars and the napkins can be picked up at a nice paper store or market. Another possibility depending on budget (for you) would be nice white linen napkins (monogrammed perhaps) with mother of pearl spreaders. I saw a pair a few months ago and could kick myself for not buying them!

Here are my soaps that I love (see Powder Room Dilemma). For a couple of other gift ideals, I'm going to to do four or five package (women at work) of three soaps with nice white tip towel. I'm going to Josephine Fine Linens here in the Atlanta area this Saturday. They'll wrap!Pecans... can't go wrong here. Can easily pick them up at a nice market even on my way to one of my parties!
Mint Julep cups - I'm actually going to get a set of four for myself for Mother-in-law's birthday party that I'm they're really for her (Ha). I'm going to serve mint chocolate ice cream in them. Mint Julep cups make great hostess gifts...possibilities are endless for the hostess. Flowers, mint chocolate chip ice cream (my case), cotton balls or Q-tips for your bathroom. Or how about an actual mint julep?

Also, Southern Cocktails , thrown in with the mint julep cups would make a great hostess gift package!

Well, I'm out of Hostess gift ideals for now...about you, any great hostess gift ideals?

For the Food and Book lovers tomorrow!

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