Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Little Something for my Favorite Girl!

You didn't think that I would forget my favorite girl... now did you?   My little Ellie girl  is very particular - just as particular as her nanny - (my mother-in-law see Gifts for the Fussy mother-in-law).  And you know what? Ellie is the one that I'm most stressed about.  She has countless rawhides in shapes of candy canes, through my many attempts to please her at each holiday.  When we first moved into our house, I sent the hubby  to pick something out for her and he came back with an ugly squeaky crocodile.  I, however, was furious and let him know to no uncertain terms that Ellie would be disappointed in us!  .  
I, on the other hand, (every holiday but that one) always give her cute little furry things such as chipmunks, hedgehogs, ducks, you name it.   And you know what?  That ugly squeaky crocodile is her go-to toy!   Last Valentines Day, Hubby and I had a contest who could come home with the best toy for Ellie.  Hubby came home with the exact same thing.  I thought it was  cheating  though he disagrees because it's was a different color.  I came home with a cute little monkey holding a heart that said 'love'!  Needless to say...hubby won again! 
So I give up, and will leave Ellie's stocking stuffer to hubby.  Last year, I bought her a cute rain jacket that she loves!   When it's raining she follows me to the mudroom and lets me slip it on her.  So I have a little dilemma I can't decide between the two below.

Ellie gets a walk come rain and shine and is a  little rugged  tomboy in disguise.  So I love this Barbour waxed coat!  If only I could get a Barbour jacket.  It will stand the test of time. Barbour Waxed Dog coat
But then agian, little Ellie girl is a preppie at heart...hmmm! Every time I pick her up at doggie daycare they tell me how sweet she is! Tory Burch knitted dog sweather
I don't know..any thoughts?

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