Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time for A Gift or Two for the Fussy Mother-in-Law!

I don't know if any of you have a mother-in-law like mine or not.  But my mother-in-law is by no means an easy person to shop for! I could give you countless examples of the gifts that I brought her over the years that she has returned or told us never to buy her again.  Or you know, it could be me - maybe I'm just a bad gift giver.  But even my father-in-law has a hard time buying for her. For most holidays and birthdays, she usually picks out what she wants from him and she wraps it herself. 
And on top of having to come up with a nice Christmas gift for her - Hubby and I need to come up with a birthday gift as well.  It's a milestone birthday at that, which just adds to my stress!   I say hubby and I have to pick out a gift, but he just saids oh that sounds good whenever I mention something.
Now what I have found over the years is to give her tickets to plays, concerts, etc. that we can all go to together!  I mean after all what do you give to someone with two canoes...I kid you not!
Buy I'm running out of ideas for tickets this year. I did see this  book - she is a big bird person.  She is definitely getting this -  I'm getting ready to place my order to amazon now.  Hey I wouldn't mind a copy for myself (hear that Hubby).
Also, I've also have  been thinking of a Diamond Cashmere throw for her.  Who would not want a cashmere throw.  But of course the color, pattern etc. may be wrong. 
Any suggestions for a Fussy Mother-in-Law?
I'll be back tomorrow with my list of hostess-with-the-mostest gifts.  I have tons of suggestions for this!

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