Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gifts For The Hostess


Another segment that I caught this week on The Today Show  were gifts for the Hostess.  A few gifts that they mentioned that I really liked are the  Color Me Gingerbread Men  (Eleni's New York).  I love this!  This is the perfect gift to take to a family with children.  The cookies are pre-made and come in a tin with edible ink markers.  And, the best part, the the kids get to decorate them without a huge mess, which I know the parents would appreciate!

Another gift that was menitoned was Rosemary that you can order for your friends and family through FTD.  Now I've done rosemary a time or two as a hostess gift and I'm thinking of doing it again for a few friends.  So if you don't have to ship you can always pop into your local Home Depot.  I also  pick up a galvanized bucket to put the rosemary in.  Which you can find at Home Depot as well.  On a sidenote, my rosemary that I bought last year is doing fabulous because of all the rain we had last summer.  I never had to transplant it...yeah!

I  love these slate cheese boards.  I'm  debating these for all my co-workers, and maybe one for the mother-in-law and me! Don't forget the chalk so you can write the name of your cheese for all your fabulous parties.

Pottery Barn's Mercury Glass Alphabet Votive cups.  I almost bought these for all my co-workers over Black Friday but I still wasn't sure what I wanted to give them.  I need to make a desicion and get going on my shopping!.

Remember when I wrote about these Lodge skillets here.  I was at Crate & Barrel a few weeks ago and they now sell them.  I gave a set of four to a friend who likes to cook and she loved them!  Great little hostess gift and you can always throw in a box of cornbread as well.

More later!

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