Sunday, October 4, 2009

Discovering Winterthur!

A few weeks ago, while reading the October issue of Victoria magazine, an article that really captured me was the feature on Winterthur (an old American estate) located in the Brandywine area of Delaware. Within this megalopolis area (Richmond, Washington DC, Baltimore, Wilmington, Phiadelphia, etc. ), Delaware is one place that I have never really spent that much time in--after all, my blog is called Southern Inspirations. My experience up the coast is mostly a few trips to New York, a little time in Boston and the D.C. area. And of course, I can't forget making the trek up I-95 a couple of times to New Jersey, where the Hubby and I almost moved. Also, can't forget my antiquing trip to Brimfield, Ma. with my buddy Cruella. But that is pretty much it!

Just a couple of weeks ago, shortly after discovering Winterthur, I was talking to one of our master gardeners, Leslie, at the museum where I work here in north Atlanta. She coincidentally was getting ready for a vacation up to the megalopolis area and Delaware was one of the destinations on her stop. I quickly chimed in and said oh you have to go to Winterthur! I explained to her how I just discovered it recently inVictoria. As it turned out, she had already been there before and gave me some more history on Winterthur.

This past Friday, thinking I needed a vacation since I have a lot of computer work ahead of me, I decided to pick our Marketing Director Janice's brain. After all, she is from that area, so I thought she could fill me in too. As it turned out, she had been there as well and added that she had been there in the middle of winter and the gardens were absolutely beautiful! Better yet, she told me about some of the fine art classes that they offer.

All images from Victoria

So, If I ever make it out of Georgia in the near future...Winterhur here I come! I'm also thinking I would love to take a few classes there myself and I'm adding that to my list of things to do in my lifetime before I die. Why not?

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