Monday, October 5, 2009

What's Your Halloween Decorating Style?

I Love this black silk flower wreath, it's simple but...

Today while at work I took Martha's quiz on What's Your Halloween Decorating Style? Don't ask! I did have a few minutes and on the way into work this morning I noticed everyone had their pumpkins and yellow mums out, and I don' yeah, I'm in the mood for some Halloween decorating! After taking the quiz, I'm please to report that my Halloween decorating style is undoubtedly Seasonal and Sophisticated! So I'll put this in a nutshell (for me anyway), no matter what season it is, I always think less is always more. I don't have a lot of time for craft projects, but I do love to go to the garden centers for seasonal flowers, to the farmers markets for pumpkins and gourds, and to gather pine cones and acorns to throw in a bowl while walking Ellie. So I guess I would say that I like things simple and quick!

Like This!

And speaking of simple, coincidentally, I was just thinking about a home I saw a few years ago while driving around Savannah. The owner is actually a very talented garden designer with whom I'm acquainted. Her home is a 1940's two story white brick with black and white awnings in a neighborhood in Savannah that I've always wanted to live in. I wish a had a picture but basically, for her Halloween decorating, she had a couple of very big black spiders attached to her house. The spiders of course really popped on her white brick home. Perfect, I thought! I'm still wondering where she got them because I would probably buy a few myself, and I normally don't buy that type of thing due to storage issues.

The pumpkins on the table are more my speed in Halloween decorating! Depending on time, I may attempt the chandelier! All Images from Martha Stewart Living

What's your Halloween style?

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