Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adding a Few Fall Touches!

Last year, I did a small post on budget friendly Ohhh Fall picks for your home. Now here's what I've done just recently for fall, budget friendly of course! Last week, after work, I went shopping for clothes, which I despise, but I had to due to all of Hubby's cooking lately. The new place that I like to go to here in Atlanta is an outdoor 'mall' that is close by. Easier then dealing with the whole giant mall scene if you know what I mean. So on my way to J.Crew, I walked by Bath & Bodywork's and I quickly noticed Slatkin Candles in the window. This rang a bell with me from a few years ago when I last purchased one of his candles, and the sales associate gave me a few tidbits on his new relationship with Bath & Bodywork's. As some of you may already know, Slatkin candles are not exactly cheap, but they are very nice and I do love the pretty boxes. Now I normally don't buy very many scented candles, but I was in the mood for some fall scents. I paid $9.50, but they are now on sale for 5.00! You get a nice scented Slatkin Candle but just no fancy box, but who cares? Also, I think the small size would make a great little hostess gift. For an interesting tidbits on Elton John, Vera Wang and candles click here. I got the spiced cider. Now what's your favorite Fall scent?


susani said...

Scented candles are another one of my favorite things. Always have one burning. We love the Pumpkin Patch. I think they make a nice Holiday atmosphere.

Lisa D. said...

I almost bought pumpkin patch. Since they are on sale I may go back for it!