Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feeling a Little Blue Lately!

Image from House & Garden Dec 2007 issue

Home of Aerin Lauder - Photographed by Francois Halard

Last fall, I bought my first piece of Canton—a vase. It’s not incredibly old; the antiques dealer said that perhaps it was from the twenties, but it doesn’t matter, because I love it! It currently looks great with my white hydrangeas that I can cut from my very own yard. This past spring it looked great with my neighbor Eula’s pink peonies (her husband Frank kept me stocked when she was away visiting her sister), and in the winter it will look great with some red nandinas! Anyway, I have wanted to do a blue and white room for some time now. Last December, when I saw this room of Aerin Lauder’s, I looked at it every day for a month. Of course, I started thinking how could I do that room—would the hubby notice if I put the blue toile wallpaper up in his office (there’s nowhere else to put it in my cottage). Then I thought to myself that perhaps I should start small, maybe with the lamp. After pondering for a bit on where I could get that lamp, I knew exactly who to call—Cruella! Cruella is my very, very good buddy who happens to be a very well-stocked antiques dealer! When I mentioned my plan, she offered it up immediately (which is code for ‘she had no plans to do a blue & white room in her own house in the near future’)! Now, I just need to save my pennies!

Cruella's Canton Lamp that I hope to have soon!

FYI- Just in case you have not heard or read, Carolyne Roehm has a new book coming out in the Fall—A Passion For Blue & White –should be pretty good!

A Passion For Blue & White


Cote de Texas said...

So beautiful - the top picture was the prettiest room in her whole house,imo!

thanks for the comment!

Lisa D. said...

Hey Joni:
I could not agree more!