Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yea! New Book Releases!

Last week, while having lunch with my buddy Cruella, we were discussing our favorite designers and decorating books that always inspire us. Cruella said hers, without question, was Charles Faudree. I mentioned to Cruella that he has a new book coming out and it looks wonderful! For me, one of my favorite designers lately is Michael Smith - I purchased his first book, Elements of Style, when it first came out and never grow tired of it. His new book, Houses, is going on my most-wanted list for fall—I’ll bet it will be pretty good. If you would like a full report on Mr. Smith go to Cote de Texas—I swear I’m not getting kickbacks, but she gives nice full reports!

Michael S. Smith's Houses


Cote de Texas said...

cant' wait for both - already preordered them.

here's the numbers for the lee
jofa dining room chairs:

bordeaux toile:

Lime & Sage 990073 323
Smoke 990073 116

Surroundings says he color way is SMoke, but I think it's Lime and Sage.

Cote de Texas said...

by the way - I;m sure the book will be out for the Christmas season.

Thanks for the great shout out!!!

much appreciated.