Monday, July 14, 2008

Visions of a Beach Home

Last week, Cruella and I hit every antiques shop south of the Mason Dixon Line. Needless to say I was very exhausted when I returned home to Nashville, and needed a vacation from our excursion! For those of you who are not familiar with Atlanta traffic, one should plan her trips accordingly. For example, don’t try to hit four to five different counties in one afternoon like we did. Cruella and I are usually on a tight schedule before we are summoned back to our posts, and if you have read any of my blogs you would know that is how Cruella acquired her nickname–not because she kidnaps puppies and turns them in to coats, but because nothing stops her from hitting all the antiques stores in the Atlanta metropolitan area. She is always motivated, and has a heavy foot on the accelerator. We try to squeeze in all of metro Atlanta and its little surrounding towns that may have a store that has the word antiques in its name.

All pictures courtesy of Cote de Texas

Last week, when I arrived home and started reading a few of my favorite bloggers, I noticed Joni from Cote de Texas had written a great post on one of my favorite’s movies and movie sets--Something’s Gotta Give. The funny thing is I was just thinking about that house-- she must have red my mind (Nashville is nowhere near the water)! Go check out her site for a full report! Since I had spent the first half of my week antiquing with Cruella and was extremely exhausted, I spent all weekend looking for the Lee Jofa’s fabric that was used on the dining room chairs in the movie –no such luck. Note, if you have read my Decorating Dilemmas, you would have seen my French chairs with their original 1940’s velvet fabric that desperately need to be redone and you would understand my urgency!

Something's Gotta Give- Dining room - Lee Jofa's fabric on the chairs that I want!

Another picture that I’m showing is of a kitchen with bead board on the ceiling. Hmmmm, see Kitchen Stuff by yours truly! Thanks Joni for such a great and informative blog!

The End!

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