Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off to Mrs.Howard!

Image via Mrs.Howard

Ever since the July 4th weekend, I’ve been meaning to write a post about Crulla’s and my antiquing expedition in Atlanta. So here it is—a few stores that I think that are always worth a visit or two depending on your time.

First up, Anne Flaire Antiques—I love Anne, and I have bought a few pieces from her over the years here and there. Anne Flaire is located in a huge warehouse off Howell Mill Road, and she is stocked full of all things French. Needless to say, the warehouse is not air conditioned, but Crulla and I always seem to manage exploring through it. Crulla didn't even think that she had a website! (Even today, the antiquing industry, including Crulla, is slow to move into the 21st century. I just discovered not too long ago that Crulla had a hotmail account, now I need to show her how to use a browser so she can pull up my blog; so I’ll have a reader or two, and use MapQuest which she needs—trust me!) 996 Huff Road, Atlanta.

Next, Antiques of Vinings–I love this quaint shop, and I’m wondering why Cruella and I have not been here in a while. To me it is a little hidden gem and it’s just around the corner from Banana Republic. The shop is mostly English—silver, Staffordshire, and accessories. It has separate dealers, but you wouldn’t know it because of the flow of the interior. Indeed a sign of a great shop. Sorry no web site or I would give it to you– 4300 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 230.

Now, finally, clear across town is Jacqueline Adams—if you have never been to France and would like to go on an antiquing shopping adventure, don’t. Jacqueline Adams has cleared France of all its period antiques. Walking into Jacqueline Adams is like walking into a French chateau, so if you’re searching for a few French period pieces look no further, but adjust your purse strings accordingly. Cruella and I enjoy looking but not touching (we would have to win the lottery), which I’m sure her shop keepers are not thrilled with. After Cruella and I did all three floors it was 4: oo. Normally we keep going until the last shop closes, but we were wiped out for the day and it was time for Starbucks. I did notice that Jacqueline is on 1st dibs.

The Beauty of Blue - Photo by Roger Davies

Before leaving for Atlanta on my Antiquing expedition, I had just received my Southern Accents July/August issue. I loved the cover and I even thought about adding it to my Feeling a Little Blue Lately post, but it didn’t make the cut. Anyway, I was talking to Cruella the other day and I told her we had to go into Mrs. Howard’s shop. Her designs made the cover that month. She is located right down from Jacqueline Adams (we were tired or we would have found her!) I’ve read many great things about Mrs. Howard, and she has an extensive website with beautiful projects. Both she and her husband are both very talented. I was very inspired, and the two that I really, really love are Riverfront Residence and the Mountaintop.

Image via Mrs.Howard - Mountaintop project

Image via Mrs. Howard Riverfront residence

And lord and behold, I believe that is Lee Jofa’s Bordeaux toile—will have to ask Cote de Texas what she thinks. Speaking of which—I just received my memo samples—hooray! So, later this week I am off to Atlanta to Mrs. Howard!


GrannySmithGreen said...

Hi. I have enjoyed discovering your blog. We share similar design and reading interest--not to mention a love for The South. Keep it up! (Want to hear all about Mrs. Howard too. Such clean, classic style!)

Lisa D. said...

Hi grannysmithgreen:
Thank you for stoping by and for the lovely comment. Will come back with a full report!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Here's a link to see Julia Reed's place in Southern Accents.