Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Visions of a Bachelorette Apartment!

Shortly after the hubby and I got married, my good buddy Susan sent me a list of things to be cognizant of during the blissful years of married life! Two of her reminders have always stuck with me: one–always keep a chic, hot outfit on hand and ready to wear in seconds when you need to charge out of the house after a huge brawl; and two--keep your own glamorous-flat to run off to when you need your girl time by yourself. For me, unfortunately neither one is very realistic; however, while making a small pit stop back in Atlanta, the hubby and I rented an apartment on Peachtree Road. Hubby, at that time had to do a lot of traveling –what a pity—so this was my chance to do my bachelorette apartment—finally!

One Friday night, the hubby came home and noticed there was a lamp on the floor, no sofa (I had put it in storage because I could not stand looking at the fabric anymore), and no end tables! They only thing that the hubby saw was our ten-year-old TV that my faithful handyman Andy accidentally dropped while trying to move us in– he only weighs 100 pounds! Needless to say, this is not what the hubby had in mind when he ventured home for the weekends to watch football--no sofa, no end tables, and a broken TV. So one Friday night, after venturing home from Greenville, the hubby said, “Get what you need to fix the place up” and to use my discretion! Deep down, he knew that the sofa would never come out of storage until he agreed to have it reupholstered, and since he was so busy he didn’t have time for silly things like picking out fabric! With him traveling, and only interested in having a sofa to watch football on, this was my small chance of starting up my almost-Bachelorette apartment! Below is one of my favorites!

Images from Domino March 2006-Designer David Lawrence- photographs by Eric Cahan

The End!

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