Monday, April 7, 2014

Brass...What Do You Think?

Early on, I once had a contractor who said, "Don't forget your hinges" at the time, I was like...what???  A few renovations later, I knew exactly what he meant.  It's those small simple changes that can really make a huge difference when renovating.  When doing our current house and replacing all the dated 70's hardware, I was looking for hardware with a warm patina, such as bronze or perhaps brass.  Although, for my bathrooms, I'm still a polished chrome or polished nickle type girl.  However, with one more bathroom to redo, I'm starting to rethink that.  Here's my case-in-point - where the hardware, brass in this case, certainly makes the room.
All pictures via Martha StewartI almost bought the cabinet brass hardware pulls (above) for my  kitchen.  Every time I'm at Home Depot I stop by to stare at them.  I do have a old washstand that could use some new brass hardware.  If I only had the energy and hadn't sworn off painting cabinets in my lifetime, I would do the above kitchen in a heartbeat! 
Here's the bathroom that has me convinced to use brass on my current bathroom renovation.  Here again, the brass takes center stage - Who can resist the old world elegance?  I certainly cannot!  Now,if I could only get my hands on a clawfoot tub, I'm in business.  Below, I love all the hardware - especially the toilet paper holder! 
So what do you think about the new brass?  As you can see...I love it!

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