Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's Do Brunch!

Last year, on Good Friday, with my awful time management skills, I decided that I wanted to do a centerpiece using wheat grass.  We weren't even hosting a brunch but I love to wake on Easter morning to a pretty tabletop. Plus, I was determined to find it. Both image above and below from Good Housekeeping.

Here' a pretty tabletop...more my speed.  Using nests.  

Here's the wheat grass that I was looking for, but I quickly found out that you can't just walk into a health food store and come out with a nice full tray of it like this.  Image from Martha Stewart.

Both Images, above and below, from Real Simple

Here's another one more my speed. Pull out a soup tureen (I got mine from Target') I'll add what I find at the supermarket the night before.  Simple! 
Let's Do Brunch...continued!

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