Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Long Forgotten Guest Room!

Two years ago, around this time, my good friend Brandon (from Charleston) called to let me know that she would be breezing through Atlanta in a month or so. At the time, Hubby and I were on vacation in the Brandywine region.  After hanging up, I started thinking about our guest room that had been left for dead, Ellie didn't even go in there. However, we missed each other because of our schedules, so I escaped having to do the room.  
Last year, around this time, she calls again--she's passing through again. The short story, we had lunch and I drove her by our house.  So anyway, to facilitate finally wrapping up the long-forgotten guest room, I'm ditching my B & B scheme (see here) that I was starting to conjure up.  I've decided to change all bedding, duvets, sheets and shams - I'm going for a classic crisp blue and white look. I love the above room by Serena and Lily. Earlier today I was checking out all the different schemes I could the Gobi Embroidered sheets in Navy too!

I also like the look above Pottery Barn's Rayna Paisley....Hmmm!

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