Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bye, Bye, Kate!

Once I started this blog, the only thing I‘ve been doing is rambling on about fall, fall gardening, fall entertaining, and fall shopping. Here I am still carrying around my Kate Spade wicker purse that I bought six maybe seven years ago (almost vintage).

Kate Spade Circa 2000

vintage purse found in U.K.

I love vintage purses and last fall I was on a huge mission to find a black crocodile bag for the right price. I have a tiny brown lizard purse that I found in the U.K a few years ago that I use in the evening! However, I would like something that I can use during the day and get all my stuff in. Last year, I even sent my buddy Sue out shopping. Of course, she had no objection. It was not until around Christmas last year at a charming antique store outside of Atlanta that I spotted my purse, but unfortunately spotted something else on my list, a French stool! Having some Christmas cash-thanks to the hubby, but not enough cash thanks to the hubby--I had to make a choice! I ended up spending my cash on the stool; after all, they’re hard to find as well.

bag I want!

French stool

I can’t seem to find anything I care for in the retail stores. So now, I need that purse that I spotted last year! I just bumped into the shop manager of the store where I had located the bag, and he sent me a picture. As soon as I’m able to snag my black lizard, I’ll tell you about this store. For now, I would like to suggest 14th Street Antiques in Atlanta. A dealer there (Purse’) has a very nice selection of vintages purses that is certainly worth a look. I just called the other day to confirm she was still there and I was told that, not only is she still there, but the Atlanta Journal and Constitution just did a article on her. You better hurry!

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