Sunday, October 7, 2007

Exploring Nashville!

NashVegas - The first of many series! Nashville is a Southern city that I had never visited before our move here. My memories of Nashville were mostly watching Hee Haw with my grandmother in the seventies. After we decided to move here, I picked up the phone and called one of the few people I knew who lived here, Sally. Sally & I share the same values (antiques). She also happens to know the lay of the land because she’s has lived here a very long time. Sally was a huge help in pointing me to the some wonderful old neighborhoods. I also meet with a real estate agent who gave me the country music star home tour! After I told her our budget for our home, I, amazingly, never heard from her again (such is life).

When you move to a new city, nothing is better than discovering a few good shops that you can escape to. One such shop is The Tulip Tree. I love this shop and admire the owner for his creative talent. Excellent quality of flowers. I’m never disappointed! 615-352-1466. 95 White Bridge Rd.

I also love architecture, and here are a few of my favorite places I’ve found so far.

Cheekwood Art & Gardens – Michael and I have thoroughly enjoyed their Highballs & Hydrangeas parties they have had. Check out their website for a very interesting story on the family Cheek and Maxwell House coffee.


The Parthenon - The re-creation of Athena located in Centennial Park. Since I have not been to Athens Greece yet and it has been on my list of places to see before I die!, this will do quite nicely until I go.

The Ryman Auditorium - Went here with my in-laws our second month in town and really enjoyed it. The Ryman has been named a National Historic Landmark. It’s a converted church, and now it’s the ‘Church of Country Music’! Great history lesson my Grandmother would have loved. You can still catch concerts here.

The Hermitage Hotel - When my in-laws were in town, my father-in law introduced us to this great old hotel. He was always fortunate enough to stay here on his company’s dime. Michael and I were also fortunate enough to stay here once. The best part is they take canines. I was just recently there on my birthday for cocktails in the clubroom downstairs. So if you can’t stay there, at least check that out.

The Hermitage Hotel

My Basset Hound, Rolle, enjoying his stay!

Frist Museum – I love this Art Deco building! Michael and I have enjoyed their Frist Fridays (outdoor concerts) which are held on the last Friday of the month until October.

Frist Museum

I just recently heard they are building an Opera House in our neighborhood. We are all very excited! Stay tuned for the rest. Tomorrow - A cottage house in Nashville.

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