Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Entertaining

It’s the weekend and time for entertaining!

Image courtesy of British Country Living Magazine

The week Michael and I moved into our cottage we met our neighbor Lucilla--she is from Venice, Italy, via New York, and decided to retire to NashVegas. Funny, I don't think of Nashville as a retirement place for a seventy-two year old Italian. Anyway, I'm glad she did; she brings me the New York Times every Sunday. Also, she has had us over for dinner twice now just in the last two months. I feel like one of the characters in Under the Tuscan Sun. For my birthday she introduced Michael and I to Rosy goat cheese--if you have not tried this please do! And she gave me a beautiful pair of Mother of Pearl sterling spreaders that had been in her family for years.

Now, since our house is somewhat presentable and the weather here in Nashville has cooled off to high 90’s, I’m pondering having Lucilla over for dinner along with some others nice neighbors. I’m very nervous having a real Italian over for my lasagna.

One of my missions this week has been looking for an old rustic farm table. I am trying to find one that will seat eight to ten people and one that is not too expensive since I have to store it down in the basement when I’m done with it.

On the subject of entertaining, one book that I bought this year was Southern Weddings. I’m not planning a wedding (I’ve been married for a while), but the book is full of inspiration for entertaining. Plus, the book brings back memories for me of living in Charleston. Southern Weddings is by Tara Guerad, who owns Soiree in Charleston. One wedding she does is on Halloween and is done quite elegantly and in keeping with the season. While I was living in Charleston I would always drive by her shop just to look at her window displays.

Southern Weddings

Another shop that comes to my mind for entertaining is Lucullus, a culinary antique shop in New Orleans. Lucullus is owned by Partick Dunne and is stocked full of unique items for entertaining. Being married to a New Orleanean, I tend to be in the city from time to time, mostly on duty, however I always try to squeeze in a shop or two and Lucullus is one of my favorites. Located on Chartres street. Mr. Dunne has opened a second store located in Breaux Bridge, La. I must say I very much admire Mr. Dunne for his artistic talent and good eye.

Picture courtesy of Lucullus

Picture courtesy of Lucullus

The last time I was in New Orleans, his store was closed for the Fourth of July weekend. So I talked to his neighbors above his shop and took a couple of pictures (next time, I’ll plan better). I love this shop and everything in it (even his cute bulldog) and the staff is always very nice. If you can’t make it to New Orleans you should check out his book, The Epicurean Collector. I bought this a few years ago on one of my trips and have enjoyed it!

the epicurean collector

Lucullus store front (Picture courtesy of Me)

Picture by Me

Planning a fall trip to Nashville? I’m putting my dilapidated home on hold for awhile! So with a little extra time on my hands, I thought I would go out this weekend and take some pictures of some great shops, great restaurants (Lucilla has give me her stamp of approval on Marche in East Nashville) and some wonderful old buildings. Plus, I’ll try to look for my farm table. Have a great weekend!

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