Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charleston On My Mind!

After writing about the Lee Bros. yesterday, I cannot get Charleston off my mind! Five years and 27 days ago, my husband and I sold our house in Atlanta, loaded up our moving truck, packed up our basset hound, and headed to a beautiful historic city for a simpler life. A city where we could walk and walk and discover something new and beautiful everyday. Which is exactly what we did! We moved to Charleston on September 27th, just in time for the Charleston Fall Home & Gardens Tour. Perfect planning!

Which is one of the reasons for my blog today – I wanted to let you know that the Charleston Fall Tour of Home & Garden is still going on until Sunday, October 28th. If you have a chance and need an escape for a few days I highly recommend going. I would go but the hubby and I are heading to another great Southern city next week, one that we’ve never been to before—Louisville, KY. Plus, fall is the perfect time for the Home And Garden Tour; the temperature becomes almost tolerable. Most importantly, it is a great chance to see inside some beautiful old homes.

Following is a small excerpt from my journal that I wrote last year. Perhaps, you’ll be convinced to jump in your Mini Cooper and head to the Low Country—don’t forget to try some she-crab soup!

While in Charleston, I started helping a friend of mine with his antiques store. This was perfect, as he took the morning shift and I took the afternoon shift. We had a beneficial arrangement. I was able to go on my buying trips, do my monthly weekend show, and use his shop for my office. What’s more, he would let me decorate and put some of my inventory in his shop! I was able to walk everyday to the shop. Michael and I lived on Limehouse Street, so I could walk down Tradd street, take a left on King street (peek in all the other antiques shops) and then a right on Queen street to get to work.

I love walking in Charleston! Every home is remarkable and has a sense of history to it. I would always see and talk to people when I would leave our tiny apartment on Limehouse Street. I would always see the tourists with their guidebooks looking at the seawall (located next to our house). Our house was actually in the tourist guidebooks because of the seawall. This is where Slate, Katherine’s cat, would take his afternoon naps and watch for birds.
I would often bump into our neighbor Bill. He was always outside with his dog, Boots. He was a very nice elderly man who was a long time Charlestonian. I truly enjoyed talking to him. Back on Tradd Street, I would see Winston, a New York expatriate with an ‘English’ accent, washing his Mini Cooper. Before heading to the antique shop, I would always see three elderly retired men meeting at the Battery for their daily chat and feeding the pigeons. They would always wave and smile at me!

Since you made it this far, one more thing, if you do decide to head to Charleston - A shopping trip would not be complete if I did not recommend a shop. The Charleston peninsula has several shoe shops, and what’s a weekend getaway without a little shoe shopping!

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