Monday, October 29, 2007

Creating That Cozy English Look!

Having such a huge love for design, my taste runs from classic traditional with a twist, to French Provencal, to the warm and inviting English country look. Currently, here in Nashville, with the weather turning cold, the days becoming shorter and the leaves starting to fall, I’m thinking it’s time for a little of the cozy English countryside look. I’m starting to have visions of sitting by our limestone fireplace while sipping on Port. This gives me a chance to talk about my next love, the English, and how the English look is very prevalent here in the old South.

Picture from The English Room

Being in the antiquing trade, I often traveled to the United Kingdom to shop for my inventory. When I say buying trip, it is not what people seem to think. Most of my friends thought I was going to the shops throughout London, and having tea at the Ritz-Carlton. In actuality, it means getting up at 4:30 a.m., getting to the market with my backpack stuffed with my calculator, money, and water. No time for instant coffee at the B&B. Both markets that I attend are located on farms, and there is definitely livestock. Consequently, if you don’t like the mud, it’s best to stay in London on Portabella Road, where many antiques shops, along with cute little restaurants, are located, but you should increase your budget accordingly! Once arriving at the markets, the energy is very high. If you’re there to browse, you’re going to get stampeded.

However, things do calm down, and by mid morning the Englishmen are having their pints. So it’s critical that you get there early because they’re napping by noon. Also, most of the dealers are set up in tents—at least the ones I buy from. While at the market, I would buy barley twist candles sticks, stools, eiderdown quilts, tea caddies, boxes, biscuit barrels, rose bowls, transfer ware, dog prints. Of course, provided I had any pounds left, I would bring the hubby back a Cadbury bar or two and Rolle a collar or some treats from Harrods duty free shop!

One I was able to keep!

I would highly recommended Nancy Lancaster English Country House Style. I bought this two years ago when it first came out and it’s been a great source for me. Also, I would recommend The English Room which I also have and enjoy reading.

Nancy Lancaster English country House Style

The English Room

Tomorrow, I will share with you another magazine that is being re-launched and a couple of stores that have always inspired me in terms of achieving that English country style!

The English Room

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