Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Gardening

It’s now time to think about fall gardening! I know it is hard to think about gardening when it has not rained in quite some time. However, it is still on my mind. I love gardening and I love garden décor. I’ve spent the whole summer trying to keep my seven hydrangeas alive that I made my husband (Michael) plant. He seems to be better at that then me. The pictures below were my goal, nothing wrong with being optimistic!

Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

Pictures courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

Anyhow, I am thinking of doing some tulips, Nandinas—which I love to clip around the holidays—and some cabbage, since I don’t have Pamela’s porcelain cabbages.

My love for garden items started my second year in the antiquing world. First I found a pair of old cement lambs, next came old wicker, cement pots, cement gargoyle heads, you name it. I bought whatever I could throw in my Honda CRV. What really inspired me was doing a garden show in Savannah. What could be more fun then doing an outdoor show in Savannah, in April, with the camellias blooming?

My dabbling in product development came from a garden item. One of the items that I had reproduced was a French faux bois garden edging that I had found on one of my buying trips to the U.K. In my journal, I talk in detail about the mass-producing this cast iron item in china. So I won’t bore you here with the details.

The picture is courtesy of Me of my garden edging

I would like to share with you a few garden stores that I love, and if you happen to be in any of these cities you may want to check them out, or you can check out their web site.

MARSH Garden Décor 4920 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans 504-891-1000. When this store opened a few years ago in New Orleans, my good friend was living there at the time. She called to tell me that I would love this store. She was right; it’s always nice to have a good friend who knows what you like. The last time I was there I found a pair of French Chairs that I had seen that I loved but could not justify buying them. They’re still on my mind!


Queen Charlotte Antiques 61 Queen St. Charleston, SC 843-722-9121. When I was living in Charleston, I would pop in this store all the time. The antique store that I was helping my friend, with, was in fact, down the street from here. So I was in this store more then I should have been for a person not buying anything. But, she has a nice selection of garden items and nice selection of garden related books. The book below is titled "garden ornaments" by Chuck Baker. I have it in my own collection.

"garden ornaments"

SCARLETT SCALES ANTIQUES – 212 South Margin St. Franklin Tennessee 615-791-4097. Last year at Christmas I wish I had taken a picture of her store. What can I say but very cute and nice selection of garden décor. Again, I hate going into stores when I’m not buying. So this time, I took my mother-in-law who was just in town, hoping she would buy something. Of course I found several old cement swans, and both me and my mother-in-law left plotting where we could put them.
It’s the weekend and time for a little alfresco entertaining!

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SusanI said...

We had a Hydrangea at our previous home that even Martha would have admired. It was sold too us as a Mock Orange.We were pleasently surprised. Our new home has 11 Dwarf Nandinas. We have very similar taste, as usual. How do you display them?